Kim Jong-un's Bitcoin Fortune


The numerous theories, speculations and rumors about the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un caused the internet to burn, about his fortune in Bitcoin.

By: Joshua Falcon

At the same time, cryptocurrency traders consider similar expectations about the health of North Korea's top leader.
More than 2,000,000,000 USD in Bitcoin, under the possession of North Korea
Disputes with the Asian country have long attracted important and internationally renowned complaints. According to information from the United Nations, they show that North Korea has stolen more than $ 2 billion worth of cryptocurrencies.

Most of the accusations are time-consuming, due to the series of massive thefts online from fiat exchanges and financial institutions. Furthermore, the country is clearly hiding its economic reports. However, firms like CipherTrace, confirm illegal assets.

A joke that came true

Zack Voell, CoinDesk correspondent made a joke about the big acquisition of Kim Jong-un, and never thought the community would buy it.

El chiste borrado sobre la transferencia de Bitcoin de Kim Jong-Un. Fuente: Twitter

In the tweet, he detailed that the total amount from North Korea would be transferred to the United States, to the well-known cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase. After that joke, Voell deleted the message from his account, making the following statements: “I deleted the tweet, because people asked me for sources, and even the media took it seriously.

The stupidity of this industry is just unbelievable. " And indeed, important media followed this joke, as a possible event to happen.

Doubts and concern about the value of Bitcoin, affected by health Kim Jong-un RussianMarket, an economics outlet, detailed the impact that Kim Jong-un's ill health and even death would have on crypto trends. Such an eventuality could reverse the value of the BTC, in the hypothetical case of massively selling the cryptographic properties of the country.

However, top North Korean officials would be concerned about the transition of power, and strengthening of its dictatorship. I wouldn't like that decision, and economist Alex Krüger says so too, and he even thinks it's a silly idea to worry.

Alex Krüger graduated from Columbia University, United States, mentions the valuable uranium mines it has and its monetary value. He also belongs to the other side of the cryptocurrency and digital asset community, where they maintain their optimism.

In Twitter, he referred to with the following words: “North Korea has uranium mines containing 4 million tons of high-grade uranium ore. News from North Korea should trigger a big sale in Uranium (if Kim's death is confirmed). Alex stands firm.
Last words

Expectations may continue on the health of the North Korean leader, both positive or negative about his illness, there is a fact will remain intact. A truth that remains and is that the Kim dynasty will continue in power, and for a long time. Before Kim Jong-un's recent public appearance, his siblings received all the attention in the world, during his relevant temporary absence. Kim Yo-jong, her sister is the next on the list, of the Kim family, and would be the first woman to rule the country.

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